We talk a lot about activity-based offices and their benefits for business and personnel. We are experts in working environments and we also practice what we preach. However, we still like to hear what our customers think about their working environments that have been implemented according to the Martela Lifecycle model.

Here are some excerpts from our video.

“Growth is possible when employees feel good”

For a working environment to function well it is important that it is user-oriented. Perttu Kulmala, Operations Manager at Solteq Oyj, points out that a well-functioning workspace creates wellbeing, which has an impact on a company’s operations.

“When we, as employees, are more satisfied, our customers will notice this. Growth is possible when employees feel good.”

“Time and cost efficiency”

A well-functioning working environment helps direct the company’s resources into the right activities. This also means financial savings.”The greatest benefit has been efficiency, measured in both time and costs,” sums up Nathalia Siivola, Administrative Manager, Enfo Oyj.

“We have had the pleasure of working with the same designers for a long time. Cooperation works well when it is based on experience.”

“For once the big picture is being considered!”

The best indicators of a successful transformation of the working environment are the messages sent by employees. According to Kimmo Laukkanen, Managing Director of Mercantile Oy, employees have provided the following praise:“For once the big picture is being considered”

The employees were closely involved in our work with Martela.

“Martela organised two workshops where employees were told about the opportunities offered by activity-based offices. After this Martela set up an online questionnaire, which employees enthusiastically responded to,” says Laukkanen.

“Home-like and friendly atmosphere”

“We wanted our premises to promote efficiency and wellbeing at work while also offering a home-like and friendly atmosphere,” says Anni Järviaho, HR Manager of 3 Step It Oy.


“Our things were waiting for us at our new workstations the following morning”

Martela also often takes care of the practical side of transforming a working environment, which includes the interior design of premises and the recycling of furniture that is no longer needed.

“In practice the move was planned so that we packed our personal belongings in crates, and the next morning they were waiting for us at our new workstation,” says Nathalia Siivola.

“We want to ensure that our unwanted furniture is recycled”

A recycling service for unwanted furniture reinforces the message that companies want to put across and is cost-effective.

“We want to consider environmental matters in all of our operations. We are happy to purchase used furniture and want to make sure that our unwanted furniture is recycled in an appropriate way,” says Siivola.

“A lot of money is tied up in furniture”

Organisations and working methods are changing constantly and the working environment must adapt to these changes. Solteq and Enfo both decided to rent their furniture from Martela, which will allow them to react to changes in a more agile way.

“It would cost us a lot of money to own all of our furniture,” says Nathalia Siivola.

“We do not want to commit to having the same furniture for ten years as we want to be able to make changes, if necessary,” says Perttu Kulmala.


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