Martela Axia task chairs have proved very popular since their launch in 2003. A key reason for the continued popularity of the Axia family is ergonomics. The experts say the Axia is one of the most ergonomic designs on the market.

With wellbeing an increasingly important factor for those engaged in knowledge work, Martela has now turned this top design into a nearly perfect chair. 

The new Axia Smart Active is definitely the smart choice in chairs!

The Axia Smart Active is ideal for an active and dynamic working style, as every 30 minutes it issues a vibration alert, prompting the user to be active and move about. 


The chair incorporates integrated intelligence, doing away with the need for larger control mechanisms. You can control your personal settings by using an app that can be downloaded on Android and Apple phones. The app also allows you to monitor your activity during use of the chair and to make informed decisions about a more dynamic way of working.

All the excellent ergonomic properties familiar to the Axia range are still present, which means you can personalise the Axia Smart chairs as much as you need.

New Axia 2.0 product family

Axia 2.2: a fully upholstered task chair with standard backrest and optional Smart Active feature

Axia 2.4: a fully upholstered task chair with high backrest

Axia 2.5: a mesh-backed chair with optional Smart Active feature


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