Now you can help your employees work from home by renting furniture as a flexible service. You will get high-quality electric desks and adjustable task chairs for home office as well as for student workstation. You'll find plenty of ergonomic options for remote workstations, such as the James task chair, the Pinta EQB height-adjustable electric desk, the Stitz leaning chair and the height-adjustable Spot table. Read more about the products below!

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Also, the entire work environment can be acquired as a flexible service, read more here!

Rental example

Remote workstation: the James task chair and the Pinta EQB electric desk 69€/month/workstation (VAT 0%)

Includes delivery and installation.
Available in the Nordic countries only.

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The Pinta EQB electric height-adjustable desk

Electric desk enables active working – easy height adjustment allows ergonomic working also in the home office. Switching positions during the day from sitting to half-sitting, or leaning to standing, increases efficiency, keeps you alert and reduces problems in the neck, back and shoulder area.

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The James task chair

James task chairs, designed by Iiro Viljanen, have all the features you need in a good task chair! With a variety of seat sizes, backrest heights and operating mechanisms, there is a James chair for every user and need. In addition, the chair is very easy to adjust.

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The Stitz leaning chair

Stitz is a leaning chair for half-standing work. Stitz encourages you to keep moving and switching positions, allowing variation between sitting and standing. Stitz comes with a gas spring mechanism and is a great companion to a conventional task chair for those using an electrically adjustable desk. It is small and, thanks to its rubber-like base, stays firmly in place.

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The Spot side table

The Spot tables are suitable for many purposes and are also ideal for remote workstations. The height-adjustable base allows an ergonomic working posture and its small size makes it easy to fit in the home office.

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