Martela has announced the availability of new Dynamic Storage solutions. Designed for activity based offices, client areas, learning environments and public spaces, storage lockers operated with smart phones and smart cards are easy to use and simple to manage. Automated real-time data feed of utilization rates enables the optimization of the quantity and location of lockers.

The key problem with traditional storage solutions is the amount of stuff accumulating in lockers over time, leading to a continuous lack of space available. In addition, management staff is typically burdened with issues such as lost and forgotten keys, changing users, and finding lockers for project workers and visitors.

Changing work habits and modern workplaces require more flexible storage solutions

The next generation Martela Dynamic Storage products set both users and management staff free from handling keys and searching for available spaces. A handy smart phone application guides users directly to the nearest available locker, which is then easily opened and closed with the app. Alternatively, locks can be operated with a smart card, such as an employee identification card, student card or a visitor badge.

“Far from all employees at activity based workspaces simultaneously need a storage locker. Generally around half the employees use lockers only rarely, and surprisingly many never at all,” said Tytti Ruponen, Offering Manager at Martela. “Bringing easy-to-use storage lockers available in ideal locations is a very tangible way to ease employees’ workdays. Optimally, there is always a locker available near the chosen workstation, and a plug to charge mobile devices in the locker, for instance during a lunch break.”

Utilization rates help bring lockers in ideal locations

Martela’s smart phone operated lockers can be reserved for personal use for predetermined periods of time. The lockers also include usb power outlets to charge mobile devices. Should a reserved locker remain untouched for a long time or the predetermined reservation period come close to ending, the smart phone app reminds the user and asks if it is possible to make the locker available for other users. Smart phone operation also serves visitors and is ideally suited for public spaces, schools and locker rooms.

For office management, Martela Dynamic Storage brings accurate data of locker utilization rates and helps bring more storage space available in locations where they are needed the most. As a result, the total amount of storage space is often reduced, while the control of access rights is quick and efficient.

“The need for personal storage space decreases as work habits change,” explained Tytti Ruponen. “With no more binders and papers, designated lockers often become useless. Smart storage systems allow companies to cut both the number of storage units and the floor space they cover into up to a half, and employees in need of a locker are still able to easily find an available space.”

Increased flexibility with less need for management

The smart phone operated Martela Dynamic Storage system was introduced at the Martela headquarters in Helsinki in June, and the employee feedback has been consistently excellent. Martela clients already utilizing smart storage solutions in the Nordic countries include PwC in Bergen, and similar solutions are in use for example in Amsterdam at Deloitte Edge, labeled the world smartest office building.

“Employees strongly appreciate investments in work environment, smart tools and modern thinking. Office management in turn happily welcomes the end of all hassle around lost and forgotten keys or battery replacements in electric locks,” concluded Tytti Ruponen.

Martela Dynamic Storage is a part of Martela Dynamic product family, which also includes smart phone or smart card solutions to book workstations and meeting rooms. With Martela Dynamic solutions, workplaces adapt to the needs of flexible working habits and ease the employees’ workdays. Analytics data enables active use of various working spaces, user experience monitoring and continuous workplace optimization.

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