Martela introduces the next generation of Martela Dynamic solutions, designed to enable flexibly adaptable workplaces for the needs of the new mobile workforce. Occupancy rate analyses combined with user experiences enable the continuous optimization of working environments.

The renewed Martela Dynamic product family includes smart phone and smart card solutions to book lockers, workstations and meeting rooms. Real-time data of occupancy rates helps employees to quickly locate and book free spaces that best support the tasks they are working on at any given time. Positioning features enable employees to opt in to share their location with their colleagues. The new product versions are piloted at the Martela headquarters in Helsinki starting in June, 2017.

With new office technology, employees are free to select the space and resources to suit each task and situation, and change places as many times a day as they like. Well-designed activity based workspaces support both focused individual tasks, confidential discussions, collaborative efforts and spontaneous encounters. Future-oriented design is typically carried out in ecosystems involving experts from several fields, together creating new opportunities to add value to organizations and their employees.

Analytics data enables continuous workplace optimization

Martela Dynamic solutions generate analytics based on usage patterns to support continuous workplace optimization. Combined and anonymized data of real occupancy rates and user experiences bring much-needed support to renew underutilized spaces and to add more of the most popular spaces.

”Changing work habits require organizations to adapt their workplaces more quickly and flexibly than before,” said Tytti Ruponen, Offering Manager at Martela. “Organizations typically count workplaces among their largest investments, which leads to a strong demand for new digital solutions to optimize the design and use of offices. Intelligent building and office technologies are important steps towards a new service model, eventually turning workplaces into continuously evolving services.”

Soundproof phone booths decrease the need for meeting rooms

One of the most challenging tasks in workplace design is to plan an optimal number of meeting rooms. Too few meeting rooms cause bottlenecks, while too many rooms add unnecessary costs. Real time monitoring of occupancy rates enables data-driven optimization: an example of interesting findings is a very large percentage of meeting rooms occupied by one person only. Simply adding soundproof phone booths clearly decreased meeting room occupancy rates, even after decreasing the number of meeting rooms.

Benefits of advanced office technology include simplified management of resources and access rights. Replacing physical keys with smartcards and smartphones enables instant provision and cancellation of access rights, which is highly valued by project employees, consultants and other office guests. Ability to work efficiently in other workspaces in addition to home office and to send and receive messages based on location clearly improves services offered for employees.


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