Martela has published its Responsibility Report for 2016. At the core of Martela’s corporate responsibility is workspace management based on the Martela Lifecycle® model.  “The Martela Lifecycle® model simultaneously improves employees’ efficiency and wellbeing at work and creates savings in premises and energy costs. Resource-efficient use of space means that we can ensure that our customers’ operations are responsible,” says Matti Rantaniemi, Managing Director of Martela Corporation. 

The Martela Lifecycle® model observes the principles of the circular economy.  

 “Usable furniture that is no longer suitable for a customer’s premises can be refurbished and a new user found through Martela Outlet. This means our customers can avoid needless furniture waste. We design work environment that have a long life, which creates savings for our customers. With our maintenance services, the life cycle of a work environment can also be lengthened and optimised to meet our customers’ changing needs.” 

Martela updated its strategy in autumn 2016. The new mission “Better Working” and vision “People Centric Workplaces” define Martela’s strategic direction.  “In today’s specialist work, employees must take greater responsibility for working productively, while it is the supervisors’ primary task to coach and support the employees on this journey,” says Rantaniemi.

The work satisfaction of Martela's personnel plays an important part in the company’s responsibility activities. The results achieved can be seen as premises are developed in accordance with the Martela Lifecycle® model.  “30% of Martela employees feel that their wellbeing at work has improved and 50% feel that their efficiency has increased since 2015.”

We will continue to keep the bar high. At the beginning of 2016, Martela implemented a PeoplePower® model to survey employee job satisfaction. 

 “Our aim is to achieve the highest AAA level in the job satisfaction measurement by 2020,” says Rantaniemi.

Find Martela’s Responsibility Report for 2016 here!

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