Meet the new Pod family members: PodLounge, PodMeeting Cove and PodMeeting Xpress!

The Pod family was born out of a need to create smart and comfortable workplaces where you can work and meet in peace. We are now adding three new members to it: PodMeeting Xpress, PodMeeting Cove and PodLounge.

High levels of noise and insufficient privacy are often a problem in open-plan offices - in other words, a bad working environment. In recent years, we have seen many new innovations to do with how offices can be furnished and arranged. Fixed workstations have given way to more activity-based ways of working with more common areas for meetings but also with opportunities for working alone without disruption. This is where the Pod series enters the picture.

"There is increasing demand for flexible solutions for more functional workplaces and greater wellbeing. The new additions complement the multifunctional Pod series and help create even better conditions for both working alone and for casual meetings and encounters", says Kari Leino, Martela’s Product and Design Director.

PodMeeting Xpress

The designers of the Pod series are Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström from the o4i Design Studio:

"PodMeeting Xpress, which has been developed from PodMeeting, is an efficient meeting place for spontaneous encounters. The basic module is upholstered with fabric and absorbs sound and has a table for four persons. Its screen can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on how much privacy is desired and what the selected table height is. The module can even be equipped with a table on both sides of the screen. There are three optional table heights: 73 cm for normal sitting height and standard chairs, medium height (93 cm) for medium-height stools and standing height (105 cm) for higher stools or for standing. This makes it easy to find the best ergonomic solution", says Henrik Kjellberg

PodMeeting Cove

"The second new arrival is PodMeeting Cove, an efficient meeting place for up to four people. The module comprises a table and a surrounding sound-absorbent screen upholstered in fabric that forms a ‘cabin’ around the table. The table height is 73 cm, which is suitable for standard chairs, sofas and benches. The new PodLounge sofa modules can also be used to create a cosy and soft nook for meetings or working alone. You can choose different seats for different PodMeeting Coves depending on their intended use. This way you can create different types of meeting places", Jon Lindström says. 


The final new arrival is PodLounge, a hybrid solution that challenges the concept of a seat: a beautiful sofa, screen or actually a room? The fact is, it can be all three at the same time! 

Henrik Kjellberg explains:
"PodLounge can be configured in different ways both as individual units or as groups. Because they can be connected together or separately according to need, they are extremely useful when you need relaxation, privacy, rest and a place to meet. Each module consists of an ottoman for two people and is available with three alternative screens and two heights. PodLounge can be used for privacy and room-like combinations with high screens or transparent and open sofa-scapes with low screens. The result is a comfortable corner for work or relaxation that is equally suitable for having a coffee with colleagues or undisturbed phone calls with customers".

Depending on the choice of materials and colours, the new modules can even be matched with existing furniture and screens both inside and outside. Options include hooks, hangers, shelves and power outlets.

PodLounge video

"This makes the Pod series almost limitless in terms of colour alternatives and matching with their surroundings, which is very important for creating inspiring and harmonious workplaces. Moreover, its design is timeless, which is important for sustainability", says Kari Leino.  

"Martela wants to create smart, inspiring and user-centred interior solutions for modern offices and learning environments. Our vision is a workplace with different areas for quiet and focused working, combined with oases for relaxation and spontaneous meetings. They create good circumstances for wellbeing and teambuilding. With the evolution of the Pod series we hope to improve future workplaces", continues Kari Leino.  

Read more about the new arrivals in the Pod family by clicking the links below.

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