A well-designed workplace means having the right space for each task. When you need a quiet corner, you ought to have one. Framery offers a soundproof island in the middle of an activity based office – a place where you can be on your own, chat with a colleague in peace and quiet – and now have a meeting with a small group without any disturbances.

Framery’s superior sound insulation system guarantees that the noise remain both inside and outside phone booths and meeting modules – what happens inside Framery, stays inside Framery.

Framery’s new model 2Q is designed for 4-6 people. It’s the best place to co-create and for meetings. A conference table with two  height options is optimal for instance for laptop use. You can also choose the meeting module without any furniture.

The 2Q has a pleasant LED lighting and two power sockets + USB-charge. The cable bar is a fixed component and provides an option for a display bracket or a whiteboard. A low doorstep makes 2Q wheelchair accessible.

Framery product family also includes Framery O phone booth and Framery Q meeting module for 2-4 people.

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