There is a growing amount of proof that gentle exercise during the workday is good for your health. Even if an office worker is very active during his freetime, sitting still for long periods at a time can cause various health problems like back ache, diabetes and heart disease.

The Economist writes about a recent study conducted in the University Of Leicester showing that immobility during the work hours doubles the risk of diabetes and makes us two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer cardiovascular disease. The results are independent of the amount of exercise conducted outside work hours.

For those who cannot leave the office desk during the work day, standing at least part of the day, is a good option. An American entrepreneur Arshad Chowdhury decided to stop sitting at work alltogether. After two years his posture has improved and he no longer suffers from back ache. You can read more about his experiences in his blog.

Also at Martela we have employees who have chosen to spend all their desk time standing. "It increases my well-being and I feel more alert. I don't miss sitting at all", says Ilkka Liekari, Project Manager at Martela.

More about ergonomics and how to set up your sit-and-stand workstation correctly can be found in the ergonomics section of our website.

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