Martela has published its Sustainability Report on actions and results during 2017. At the core of Martela’s corporate responsibility is workspace management based on the Martela Lifecycle® model. “Sustainability is a key factor in Martela's business, both in the short and in the long term. Our focus is on the goals that we can achieve by providing our customers with better workplaces and the way in which they impact society at large”, says Matti Rantaniemi, Managing Director of Martela Corporation. ”The key positive impacts definitely arise from the products and solutions that we supply to our customers in which consideration is given to the workplace lifecycle", adds Maija Kaski, VP, People and Sustainability.

With the Martela Lifecycle® model, the work environment will increase work efficiency including comprehensive thinking that takes care of space, furniture, and people. The best working environments create well-being for the entire work community. The model follows the principles of circular economy. Using the model one can utilize existing furnishings or find new ones - the most important thing is that layout planning supports work without unnecessary furniture. The selection of furnishing is done according the best support to the work at hand, being durable and timeless. In this way it is possible to avoid unnecessary burden to the environment and best use of materials. With the help of maintenance services, the life cycle of the working space is as long as possible, the condition of the furniture remains top quality and the premises are always optimal to meet the changing needs of the customer.


Find Martela’s Sustainability Report for 2017 here!
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