Martela's collection includes hundreds of different fabrics. To make choosing easier, we divided them into two categories: Selected and Standard. 

The Selected category includes selected trendy and mutually compatible fabrics. "Selected is a sure choice. Our customers will save time and effort thanks to a pre-selected range. We will keep the Selected range up to date with changes in interior design," says Iiro Viljanen, interior designer at Martela. 

The Standard range includes all of Martela's standard fabrics.  "You can choose from Martela's entire fabric collection and bring out your own persona in your interior."

The Selected and Standard categories replace the former categories Entry, Classic and Expression. "The older system was based on the use of the fabrics but many of our customers felt it was confusing. We adopted the customer's perspective and came up with a much clearer system," Iiro Viljanen says.  

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