Office interiors are becoming more relaxed while business premises, and increasingly also schools, are becoming more open-plan. This means space dividers are needed at workplaces for various uses to make the surroundings more pleasant for employees.

The Noora sofa series, which is ideal for many uses, is a comprehensive addition to Martela’s selection. Noora is available with a high or low backrest, so it can be used to create peaceful meeting corners. Sofa and benches are also available with an electricity socket as an optional accessory.

The product family includes various benches, armchairs and sofas. The armchairs and sofas can also be equipped with high screens, which improve acoustics in open-plan spaces and offer more privacy.

Businesslike and robust Noora series inspired by French bistros

“I like to call the Noora sofa a bench sofa. The seat is at the same height as a chair and the shape is also more upright than a sofa. My inspiration for Noora came from the upholstered benches that are placed along the walls in French bistros. They are perfectly suited for their purpose with no frills, but they bring a softness and robustness to their surroundings and are very versatile,” says Antti Kotilainen, who designed the product.

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Add the finishing touch with an Oona sofa table

Oona sofa table's wooden table top and legs bring a home-like feel to offices. The table tops of the Oona range also come in different shapes and sizes. As the tables are available in two heights, they can be placed so they partly overlap.  

“The Oona sofa tables can be used on their own or in groups. The design is gently rounded,” says Kotilainen.

The Noora sofas and Oona sofa tables work well as individual pieces or combined with Martela’s other product ranges.

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