Material description: 

Magnetic ceramic steel writing surface, e3 certified 99% recyclable.

Boarder sizes (mm):
905 x 605
1205 x 905
1505 x 1205
2005 x 1205

Air sizes (mm):
990 x 1190
1490 x 1190
1990 x 1190

The whiteboard is available in two models: Boarder with aluminium frame and Air without a frame.

The Boarder has a natural-colour-anodized or white aluminium frame and a pen tray. The boards have a very durable e3 Ceramicsteel steel enamel surface that can also be used as a magnetic board. Boader can be assembled horizontal or vertical.

The edges of the modern Air whiteboard are bevelled and there is no frame. Thanks to its concealed fittings and bevelled edge, the board appears to hover in the air.

Start package with pens, magnets and board eraser is recommended.