Material description: 

Tempered optical glass.
Available in 24 colors and several sizes.

Standard sizes of the glassboards (mm):
300 x 300
500 x 500
750 x 750
1000 x 1000
1250 x 1000
1500 x 1000
2000 x 1000

Mood is writing and magnetic board with a glass surface. The board has no frame nor visible fittings and, thanks to the latter, it appears to be hovering separate from the wall.

The board is made of optical glass with high light transmittance and colour index, which results in natural and beautiful colours.

Mood Wall boards are retangular and Mood Flow Wall boards with rounded corners.

Concealed fittings with no possibility to change afterwards between horizontal and vertical assembling

Mood boards are available in 24 colours and different sizes.

Start package with pens, magnets and board eraser is recommended.