Material description: 

Tabletops: Conforming with E0,5 requirements, the table top is made of particle board with a laminate coating in white or MDF board with veneer in oak, ash and stained ash.
Frame: epoxy lacquered steel in white or black.
Legs: oak, ash and stained ash.



Power outlet, frame and lid: white, black and aluminium.

Conference tables of the Alku series are available with wooden legs and veneer table tops. Tables of 90 cm height enable quick standing meetings and more informal setups. The variety of table tops is numerous. The light Alku conference tables are clean-cut and simple in design, yet offer dozens of alternatives to match the activity based office and modern learning environment needs.

The Alku-series designed by Iiro Viljanen also includes different working desks, conference tables and standing height desks with two leg types. The Alku Bench desks are perfect for modern and active needs and great for collaboration.

Product code: 

499W = wooden legs, height 72 cm
499W90 = wooden legs, height 90 cm


Fixed heights: 72 and 90 cm