Material description: 

Table tops: oak, ash, stained ash, white laminate.
Legs: white, black or Inspiring Colours.



Power outlet.

Frankie conference table with a modern A-leg base creates a visually strong appearance to the space. The standing height table is available in two different heights: 90 and 110 cm. The table can be used without chairs or together with bar stools of a matching height.

The Frankie conference table collection designed by Iiro Viljanen includes various table sizes and bases. Combining different table top materials and base shapes the collection offers solutions for various needs.

The standing height tables offer an excellent opportunity for active meetings.

Eco Frankie tables with swan label available for limited size and material variations.

Product code: 

823A90 = A-leg base, height 90 cm, metal legs
823A110 = A-leg base, height 110 cm, metal legs
E = power outlet