Material description: 

Base: grey, black, white, chrome or Inspiring Colours.
Table top (E0,5 particle board): birch, beech, oak, laminate (white, grey, birch).
Height 72 cm: 190x84 cm, 230x90 cm.

Environmental information

Environmental product card: 

The Spot conference tables have been sized to fit into small conference rooms. The oval models make it easier to see neighbours and to communicate around the table. The Spot conference tables come with many tabletop options.

The Spot series tables are suitable for many purposes. There are conference room tables, standing-height desks, sofa tables and a small computer desk. They all have a disc base and range in height from the low sofa table to the standing-height desk. Spot tables are also available with a height-adjusted base and castors.

Product code: 

494H 190x84 cm
494G 230x90 cm