Material description: 

Conforming with E0,5 requirements, the table top is made of particle board with a laminate coating, colour white.
Base epoxy lacquered steel in white and in Inspiring Colours.
Height adjustment screws white.



Power outlet, frame and lid: white.

Alku T-leg tables are clean-cut and simple in design, yet offering dozens of alternatives to match the needs of an activity based office, cafeteria or learning environment, to mention a few. The variety of table tops is numerous, including also electricity hatch options.

The Alku table series is the solution for increasing the rational use of space and efficiency in activity based offices. Design of the T shaped legs allows easy floor cleaning, which is especially important in cafeterias and learning environments.

Alku-series includes different conference tables, working desks and standing height desks. The Alku tables are suitable for modern and active use providing a good basis for team work.

The Alku-series also includes different working desks, conference tables and standing height desks with two leg types. The Alku Bench desks are perfect for modern and active needs and great for collaboration.

Eco Alku tables with swan label available for limited size and material variations.

Product code: 



Manual height adjustment with 64 - 86 cm.