Material description: 

Screen fully upholstered.
Table top: oak, ash, stained ash or white laminate.



Table top with electrical height adjustment.


Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
PodWork 2983: 89.5 kg CO2e; PodWork 2983 (Electr.adj): 248.9 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

PodWork offers several options for short-term working in an activity based office. Two different versions are available: one with more closed screens in order to provide added privacy and one with more open screens for more open communication.

Table tops come in two sizes and with optional electrical height adjustment.Together with other Pod products the PodWork creates a harmonious solution for the entire office. Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio also includes several other products with coherent design.

Product code: 

Screens (height 130 cm):
2983A1/A2 = 130 x 85 cm
2983B1/B2 = 130 x 155 cm
2983CR/CL = 124 x 115 cm
2983D = 130 x 67 cm
Table tops:
2983TLA/TRA = 145 x 100/85 cm
2983TLB/TRB = 145 x 80/70 cm
2983TC = 145 x 60 cm
E = electronic height adjustment


Table tops 2983TLB/TRB and 2983TC: electrical height adjustment 65-130 cm.
Screens: height adjustable glides.