Material description: 

Screen fully upholstered.
Table top: oak, ash, stained ash or white laminate.
Table lamp painted white.



Coat hanger unit, coat hanger unit with mirror, coat hanger, metal shelf, table lamp, power outlet.

PodWork Xpress offers a private place for short-term working in an activity based office. The table top is available either in seat or standing height. The collection includes also a wardrobe unit.

Together with other Pod products the PodWork creates a harmonious solution for the entire office. Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio also includes several other products with coherent design.

Product code: 

2984SLT = workstation unit, sitting height
2984SHT = workstation unit, standing height
2984SCR = wardrobe unit
2944SVR = coat hanger holder
2944SVRP = coat hanger holder with mirror
2944SVH = coat hanger
2944SKH = metal shelf