Having to look for a suitable workspace or a colleague can be demotivating and reduce productivity and wellbeing at work. Users also want support in new ways of working and using facilities. Companies need objective data on the use of their spaces and their booking rates for comprehensive maintenance, further improvement and cost optimization.

The Martela Dynamic Booking systems ensure that workplace investments are put to efficient use, which promotes working and coping. A meeting room and workstation booking system is a user-friendly way to locate a colleague or book a desk or workspace that suits the task at hand. Bookings can be made from calendar applications, an office layout, with a smart phone, using an information screen or with screens next to doors with company ID cards. At the same time, you can order catering, take care of visitor management and other arrangements, and book services.

Booking systems enable effective management and guidance of workplaces and the use of space, as well as monitoring and optimizing associated costs. Reports help companies to reduce space-related costs effectively and convert infrequently used facilities for better purposes.