Material description: 

Glass: Double glazing 5+5 mm. Sound insulation film.
Walls and Roof: MDF. Multi layered (6) structures ensuring echo free space.
Exterior color white.
Interior color dark grey acoustic felt. Anti-static and stain resistant carpet dark grey.
Electric sockets 4 pcs + LAN socket at floor level, anthrasite, 1 pcs LED panel lighting 60 x 60 cm with on/off switch.
Electric air circulation system with occupancy sensor. Stand by - function, 25 % power on, when booth is empty.

Two different sizes:
2 modules 210 x 166 x 224 cm.
3 modules 210 x 245 x 224 cm.

Width of the door 88 cm, requires +90 cm.
Right handed door, positioned to the left or right end.

The unit can be connected to building HVAC or equipped with stand-alone ventilation system. Recommended to connect air supply to HVAC.
NB. Fire safety legislation and sprinklers.



Exterior special color.
Frames' special color RAL or NCS color code needed.
Swirl comfort unit connected to ventilation - no cooling.
Swirl comfort unit connected to ventilation - cooling.
Independent air ventilation - no cooling.
Independent air ventilation - cooling.

Framery Visia is a meeting space offering excellent soundproofing and acoustics. It can be installed in existing open plan or activity based office environments. The product can be used in various ways. It can be used for example, as a meeting furniture, a workstation or lounge furniture.

The Visia meeting space comes in two- or three-module options. Framery Visia can easily be dismantled and relocated, if necessary. It can also be installed on a moveable base. Delivery of the product is easy and will not disrupt normal work in the surrounding area.

Ventilation takes place through supply air and exhaust air connections on the roof of the meeting space. The supply air should always be connected either to the building’s ventilation system or to a separate ventilation fan that is available as an additional accessory.

The exhaust air can be connected to the building’s ventilation system or recycled into the surrounding space. When the meeting space is used by several people, connecting the supply air to the building’s ventilation system guarantees a pleasant meeting environment.

Framery is a Finnish company doing a close co-operation with Martela. Framery designs and manufactures closed, quiet spaces for contemporary open offices and work environments.