Material description: 

Panels: fully upholstered, upholstery fabrics Cara or Soul.
Base: painted white metal with felt in the bottom.
Inside material: non-allergenic sound absorbing polyester fibre.
Screen thickness 40 mm.

Fabric consumption: 

704 = 0.95 m
706 = 1.45 m

The free-standing Face table screen with a movable base can easily be placed in any position on table top. It´s a good solution when additional privacy is needed for example working with bench systems.

The acoustic features of the screens absorb sound, providing a pleasant and peaceful place to work. The materials used in the Face range are recycled, hypoallergenic polyester fibre.

With the Face screen series, spaces can be used efficiently and for many needs. The screen series includes floor and table screens in several widths and heights to easily form combinations that suit all kinds of space. Face screens can lend visual consistency, even when different kinds of workstations are being used in the same space.

Product code: 

704S06S = 60x40 cm
704S08S = 80x40 cm
704S10S = 100x40 cm
704S12S = 120x40 cm
704S14S = 140x40 cm
704S16S = 160x40 cm
704S18S = 180x40 cm
704S20S = 200x40 cm
706S06S = 60x65 cm
706S08S = 80x65 cm
706S10S = 100x65 cm
706S12S = 120x65 cm
706S14S = 140x65 cm
706S16S = 160x65 cm
706S18S = 180x65 cm
706S20S = 200x65 cm