In activity-based workplaces, not all employees use storage space at the same time, half use it only rarely and surprisingly many never use it. When the use of storage space can be monitored, the volume of space can be optimized to meet needs, and when needs change, adaptation can be quick. Users appreciate that storage space is always available and close to where they have chosen to work. They appreciate not having to waste time looking for it or finding the keys for the lockers. Visitors appreciate storage solutions they can use with their mobile phones to store their personal belongings during visits.

The Dynamic Storage solution brings lockers close to their users where storage space is needed. Companies can monitor booking and utilization rates to more efficiently optimize and manage the location and number of storage units. The lockers can even remind users of their existence. Solutions using mobile phones or RFID cards reduce maintenance time and maintenance is also made easier, thanks to remote management features.

With the Dynamic Storage solution, no separate keys or codes are needed, as the locks are opened and closed with phones or ID cards. The phone or a light on the door indicate which lockers are available, and a display at the end of the storage unit shows which locker is reserved by which ID card. The application can also be used to search for free lockers. The lockers have interior lighting, an intrusion alarm and USB charging.