In activity-based workplaces, not all employees use storage space at the same time, half use it only rarely and surprisingly many never use it. When the use of storage space can be monitored, the volume of space can be optimized to meet needs, and when needs change, adaptation can be quick. Users appreciate that storage space is always available and close to where they have chosen to work. They appreciate not having to waste time looking for it or finding the keys for the lockers. Visitors appreciate storage solutions they can use with their mobile phones to store their personal belongings during visits.

The Dynamic Storage solution brings electronic lockers close to their users where storage space is needed. Companies can monitor booking and utilization rates to more efficiently optimize and manage the location and number of storage units. The lockers can even remind users of their existence. Solutions using mobile phones or RFID cards reduce maintenance time and maintenance is also made easier, thanks to remote management features.

Main benefits:
• Supports working in an activity-based working environment and increases flexibility
• Enhanced locker utilization – 30–60% fewer lockers compared to key or combination locks
• Storage availability guaranteed through analysis and occupancy control
• Easy administration – better use of time because the system is more self-supporting, requiring less management time
• Electronic – no batteries, no replacements
Main features:
• Electronic locker storage for employees, students and other user groups
• Different types of users and access
• Part of the interior, aesthetically pleasing
• Two locker system versions. One locker system has its card reader mounted in the terminal and lockers are opened via the terminal or with a mobile phone. With the other option, the lock for each locker has its own card reader, but lockers can also be opened via the terminal. Another difference is the integrated status LED light in the doors.
• Works with any card type (PIN, NFC or RFID card) or a smartphone app. Keys will become a thing of the past.
• Integration with access control systems
• Reporting and easy administration
• USB charger, LED lighting
• Highly reliable
• Push to open, no handle