Material description: 

Armrests: black, button grey.
Seat and front side of the backrest upholstered, back side of the backrest black plastic or fully upholstered.
5-star base (ø 700 mm): painted black or grey or polished aluminium.

Fabric consumption: 

0.9 m / pcs



Support for lower back adjustable by air pump (standard in the 400), adjustable neckrest, larger XL seat (4 cm longer, 2 cm wider), coat hanger, low, telescopic or high column, foot ring and fully upholstered backrest, rotating armrests, glides, soft or hard castors.

The Logic 400 task chair has a high backrest and a lumbar support adjusted with an air pump. It has been designed for long periods of sitting and the pelvis naturally assumes a good position in its firm seat, which also ergonomically supports the sitter’s movements in different tasks.

The tilt control of the Logic 400 maintains the set sitting angle even when the rocking function is released to allow relaxing movement. The rocking resistance is adjustable and the backrest provides good support even in a forward-tilted working position.

An airy layer of wool under the upholstery of the Logic 400 task chair evens out and distributes heat and moisture, offering luxurious comfort.

Logic is an ergonomic, versatile and easy-to-use series of task chairs. The key adjustments have symbols that explain their use. The functional ergonomics of the chairs are based on design, usability and movement.

Design awards: 

FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award, UK

Product code: 

135 = without armrest,
136 = with armrest,
137 = without armrests, XL-seat
138 = with armrests, XL-seat
B = neckrest
T= fully upholstered back


Seat height and depth adjustment, seat and backrest tilt adjustment (separately, stepless), backrest height adjustment, swing function (stepless locking), tension control, armrest height, angle, depth and width adjustment.

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