Smartblock designs and manufactures intelligent, mobile meeting pods that facilitate concentration amidst the hustle and bustle of an office by offering peace and privacy.

Smartblocks are used in open-plan offices and lobbies and as customer service points, and they meet the requirements of modern work and meetings in offices, as well as in libraries and production facilities, for example. They can also be used as partitions and as additional meeting spaces in offices with a high demand for meeting rooms.

Smartblocks are easy to move and facilitate the efficient use of space. They only take up a little space, while offering optimal conditions for four people, and have integrated wheels for easy mobility within a space. Smartblocks come equipped with all the technology required for modern work, from Smart TVs to LED lights, loudspeakers and charging sockets. Smartblocks are incredibly easy to use: just plug and play.

Smartblock Oy was established in 2015. Its high-quality products are designed and produced in Helsinki, Finland.

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