Activity-based office and recycling for Axfood

An activity-based office and, space-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions from Martela were the first choice when Axfood group moved its headquarters.

In the spring of 2014, Axfood moved into their premises at Torsplan in newly built Hagastaden in northern Stockholm. In the same building there is also one of the Group's grocery stores in the form of Hemköp. Living close to the core business is important for Axfood who therefore saw it as a great advantage to have the head office in the same building as the store.

The choice was made for task-based and space-efficient working. The existing height-adjustable work tables from Martela came from the former office but they were supplied with new surfaces. This was a solution which also follows the building's designation - Torsplan is a GreenBuilding property with a rating of Excellent, which is the second highest rating according to the international environmental certification system BREEAM.

The activity-based office has also been designed with Face-screens for privacy and noise reduction. Combo and Big Side storage units are used for storage and as a room divider. The colours are consistently bright and contrasted with colorful details. For those who need to withdraw for individual work or calls, there are also a large number of quiet rooms and conference rooms.