DB Schenker

Viinikkala, Vantaa, 2015 

Interior Design, Maija-Liisa Väre, Martela Oyj

Sustainable environmental solutions

DB Schenker moved in June 2015 into new premises built in Viinikkala, Vantaa from office space in Metsälä, Helsinki that were built in 70's. There are 220 working for terminal operations and 430 working in the office in the new premises. DB Schenkerin Viinikkala terminal and head office building work was excecuted according to the Group Environmental Policy. Sustainable environmental solutions are also visible in envionmentally responsible operations in the finished land transport center. New terminal buildig represents ecological wood contsruction. On the rooftop of the building is equiped with solar panels that provide for example charging energy for the batteries of the forklifts. All the buildings have been desinged to profit from the natural lightning and use of automated lighting sollutions.

Modern and comfortable spaces

”Facilities and furniture are usable for years to come wiht durable, timeless and neutral color and material choises. Special attention was given to flexibility with uniform furnishing solutions", says director Leena Jansson, who was leading office furnishing and design project in DB Shenker.  

There is meeting spaces from the more informal sofa groups to the separatelyreserved conference rooms. In addition, there is a quiet room in each space to retrieve for work requiring more concentration. DB Schenker's corporate color red have been used in lobby areas to spice up otherwise black-gray-white environment.

Changing working methods

In accordance with the move it was possible to make changes to working methods and increase electronic functions to diminishe significally the processing of papers. Viinikkala project was much more than just the premises, at the same time DB Schenker renewed operations processes in the terminal as well as in the office. Environmental values, work efficiency and new ways of working were all taken into consideration when all the terminal operations were moveed to the same building. 

”We are more competitive, handling of goods is more efficient and our customer service improves, as all the members of the team is in same premises, hence communication and interaction is improved” says director Göran Åberg, DB Schenker North & East Europe -region

The project was was carried out in co-operation with the Chief Designer Architect SAFA Erki Valdre and Interior Architect SIO Elina Rajamäki from KVA arkkitehdit Oy.

Inventory, removal and recycling from Martela

Office furniture inventory for the old Metsälä ground transportation center of DB Schenker was done by Martela service manager Henri Klingberg. Part of the inventory was used in other DB Schenker premises, part was sold throught Martela Outlet -channel and part was recycled as materials. 

Furniture delivery and installation as well as removal of archive and personal material was carried out according to an agreed schedule. Martela also cleared the Metsälä premises after the move.