Dolphin Geophysical

High tech company Dolphin Geophysical puts employees in the first room

Norwegian marine geology company Dolphin Geophysical goes against the grain with its new corporate offices in Bergen. All employees, both fixed site and visiting, have their own offices. Together with the dealer Rome for the design, we have created a complete solution for a high-tech, international activities.

Dolphin Geophysical is a highly specialized company which has developed from the Norwegian oil industry.

"We are experts in oil exploration offshore. On behalf of our clients, international oil companies, we do seismological studies that describe the seabed characteristics and identifies possible sources of oil, "says Vesla Groeneboom as Administrative Manager at Dolphin Geophysical.

The Corporate Office is in the mountains but now also has offices in Oslo and London. Dolphin Geophysical has some 100 permanent employees and a further 200 crew members who are hired along with the ships. On Bergen office is to some 40 employees in finance, operations sales, marketing and geological evaluation.

The office has, however, been furnished with 60 workstations.

"Since our experts are traveling internationally, we have chosen to have a larger number of additional workstations - there is always some available. The premises have been designed specifically for Dolphin Geophysical and consists almost exclusively of individual offices. A little unusual in times when most companies choose large office, says Vesla: "But our employees were very clear that that was how they wanted it. And listening to staff is obvious. "

The style is modern, light and airy

"A real contrast to the places we had before. They went in Norwegian shipowners' style with lots of dark wood and gold details - and was very nice. But it feels like this interior to better reflect the fact that we are a modern technology company. "
Total solution decisive

When the new office was planned company turned to several vendors and the mission eventually went to Martela and dealer Rome for design. Martela's Tor Helge Lunde Sørensen and Rome designs Per Ivar Andreasen has worked very closely together to create an appealing overall solution. The end result is an interior where most of the furniture comes from Martela - from office to conference room, dining room and customer reception. Electrically powered height adjustable desk Pinta EQ, Combo storage units, Spot-table, meeting table, SoftX Conference chairs and Eero Aarnio's iconic Roy-chairs.

"the whole solution has been tremendously important in this case. Martela's wide range allowed us to present an attractive solution for Dolphin ", says Per Ivar Andreassen.

Vesla Groeneboom and her colleagues are particularly pleased with the Pinta tables:
"Because we prioritize the health of employees so we chose to take the investment - something we have not repented. Personally, I am also very fond of Roy-chairs who have been dressed in our turquoise color. They are a beautiful exclamation mark against the whites. "

"This project has made us a great - and positive - experience richer. We are incredibly pleased with the service we received from Rome for the design and Martela. Everything flowed perfectly, from planning to delivery. "