Activity based office for sustainability

Electrolux is one of our clients that take sustainability seriously. The company continuously strives to optimize the workspace efficiency and therefore has decided to implement the Martela Lifecycle –model. 

Electrolux became interested in Martela Lifecycle at an early stage. Martela Lifecycle offers services and products that can be used to optimize the work environment with the help of interior design. Martela monitors the usage of workspace throughout the lifecycle from a holistic perspective.

“Our concept of the sustainability includes environmental and energy aspects, as well as productivity, ergonomics and above all, the well-being of our employees. Electrolux has on several occasions chosen to use our expertise in resource management and recycling. You can set aside a hundred leftover work tables in a furniture storage, or you can do something smarter with them like Electrolux has done.” told Kirsi Niklasson, recycling product manager in Martela AB .

A big part about the well-being of employees is to provide them the possibility to choose the best work environment for their current task. The Framery phone booths include lighting, ventilation and a network connection. The booths also include a tabletop for writing or using a laptop.   
Phone booths brought flexibility to work

“Electrolux quickly noticed the benefits the Framery phone booths have brought them. The Stockholm headquarters chose about twenty of the mobile quiet rooms, which have been in active use ever since. At Electrolux the phone booths are placed adjacent to the workplaces in the open office.”

“Now the employees and consultants can easily and quickly find a place to take a phone call or a video conference. All you need to do is get up from your desk and step into the Framery booth.”

The cooperation with Framery is part of Martela’s commitment to smart, functional and aesthetical solutions for activity based offices. For the work environment to be inspiring and stimulating there needs to be a possibility to pull away from the noise. Time to time you need to focus and have a phone call without the risk of disturbing or being disturbed. The Framery’s products work as well placed in an busy open office as in a quiet lobby. The booth can be tailored to fit the existing color scheme and furnishing. The easy customization includes the carpet and the tabletop. In some models it is also possible to choose the acoustic surface’s materials behind the seat. You can also use decals to customize the Framery if you want to show your company’s logo or graphic design on these products as well.

“Some of the booths have been placed in direct connection to the conference rooms. This is very handy if you need to take a quick phone call during the meeting. And when the meeting is over and everyone turns to their phones again there is a Framery booth waiting”.