Enfo Espoo

Enfo, Espoo Finland 2014
Interior design Maija-Liisa Väre, Martela

A new era for Enfo

When the Finnish IT service company Enfo relocated its operations in Espoo in June 2014, the company also switched to a new activity-based office, where a pleasant working environment caters to the needs of the 200 employees as well as possible. Martela was involved in the project from the planning stage to the finishing touches.

When the lease period ended at the previous business location, Enfo was presented with a good opportunity to move to a terrific new location where the premises would be specially designed to meet the needs of all the company’s operations. The new office in the Alberga Business Park constructed by NCC made it possible to centralise all the operations on one floor.

In addition to the new furniture, Martela was responsible for the planning of the working environment, delivery and installation, the environmentally friendly recycling of old furniture, and for the move to the new office. Since Enfo wanted to switch to an activity-based office, the nature of the work done by the teams had to be determined before the move, and the findings were then used to design suitable work premises for each team. The planning work was guided by Enfo’s motto, The Enfo Way, which meant that everything had to be simple, flexible and smart. Co-operation with Martela’s interior designer went smoothly, and the end result was exactly what Enfo wanted – efficient and vibrant premises.

Activity based office provides more functionality with less space

The new office premises are divided into smaller open-plan offices, and workplaces for mobile workers. There are also plenty of conference rooms and telephone booths, and a separate space for quiet work. Although the majority of employees have a designated workstation, in practice it is possible for employees to work in any part of the office. Enfo leased the furniture and other items for the new work environment, including the related services provided by Martela, in accordance with the Lifecycle leasing model. “The activity-based office is a smart concept, because if changes happen inside the organization, we don’t need to change our premises on the same scale any more. They can be changed according to needs and usage”, explains Nathalie Siivola, Enfo’s Administrative Manager.

The new premises are designed to allow people to concentrate on their work while also facilitating natural interaction. Despite the changes to the established way of working, people have been very pleased with the new premises. The changes have been well received, and the feedback has been almost entirely positive. “The world and our lives today are full of change, and we should be ready to make those changes”, Siivola sums.

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