Enfo Kuopio


Enfo is a Nordic IT company operating in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. In 2012, the company's office in Kuopio decided to give up its offices due to continuous interior problems. The company's nearly 200 employees were able to move to new premises in the early winter of 2013.

Goals established

  • Enfo wanted to draw special attention to the acoustics, ergonomics, versatility and ecological features in the new premises.
  • The company had also taken into account the work cultural change; the aim was to design work environment suitable for the modern way of working fully supporting Enfo Oyj's operations.
  • The modern, fresh Enfo-look was brought out in order to improve job satisfaction and company image  both in the eyes of clients and new potential employees.

Martela’s solution

  • The project was started with a comprehensive work environment plan taking into consideration the required functionalities. The plan was completed together with Enfo’s commercial group.
  • Martela’s interior designer Anne-Mari Juutilainen was responsible for the planning and design.
  • The plan was on Martela’s Inspiring Office -concept creating different working and gathering places suitable for activity based offices.
  • Light furniture and strong signature colours were used to create a modern and inspiring overall look for the office.
  • Interior designer Tiina Ruotsi had earlier made interior color scheme for a part of the premises. This was taken into account in the design.


  • Martela conducted Enfo's removal from old to the new premises from start to finish.
  • The project included planning and design, inventory and removals services.
  • Some of the old furniture was moved to Enfo's other premises and all the remaining furniture was recycled


  • Inspiring Office by Martela  -concept  solutions help to maximise effective use of office space and increase employee wellbeing.
  • Martela’s solution took into consideration Enfo’s goals and background.
  • The right product at the right place supports the functionality and usability of the premises.
  • Ergonomic furniture solution taking both individual and the community needs into account, increase  work wellbeing and efficiency
  • Martela’s comprehensive project management enabled Enfo’s personnel to concentrate on their own core competence and business.