• Finnair wanted to bring together all of its units under one roof in the new HOTT office complex by Helsinki Airport.
  • Finnair’s organization was previously very dispersed and the premises did not meet the company’s needs.
  • The idea was that the new premises would accord with the company's new 'Designed for you' strategy.
  • A key factor behind the project was the desire to renew the corporate culture and the way of working.

Finnair likes it HOTT

When the construction of the HOTT office complex was completed at the very start of 2014, Finnair was able to bring together all the units of its organization under one roof. With the assistance of Martela, Finnair started to take advantage of the principles of a modern activity-based office in everyday work.

Finnair’s new visual identity, which was unveiled in 2012, has been built to meet the company's growth objectives for the future. The idea was that the new premises would respond to customer needs and expectations in the spirit of the company's new 'Designed for you' brand promise. The overall corporate image reform shows itself in renewal of the logo, the reform of cabin space, as well as in the staff uniforms - and now in the company premises.

The new HOTT office complex next to Helsinki Airport was designed by Helin & Co Architects and interior design was by Workspace, the main designer being Martta Suurpää.

  • Martela was responsible for the overall solution for the building’s approximately 1,000 workstations, including clearing the old premises, new activity-based office furniture, the move to the new premises and the responsible recycling of old furniture.
  • Activity-based office furniture from about ten different manufacturers was supplied via Martela.
  • Curtains, lighting and wooden furniture and fittings, among other things, were also supplied via Martela.
  • The overall project also included new ergonomic workstations.

“Initial experiences of the activity based office have been very positive. As many as four out of every five employees feel that the transformation project has improved work performance. The successful outcome was possible because the project was managed as a comprehensive package in collaboration with skilled professionals.”

– Kaisa Tuuliainen,
Head of Human Resources Development, Finnair