Frescati University

Frescati - a classic with new pages

It is said that one should not judge the book by its cover. This applies also largely to the newly renovated University Library at Frescati. The more you browse, the more discoveries await.

The university library at Frescati in Stockholm, designed by Ralph Erskine, is one of the largest research libraries in Sweden. The number of visitors is steadily increasing and is now up 1.5 million per year. As the library's popularity increases and new technology has changed the way to search for and store information, there has arisen a need for modernization. Akademiska Hus therefore gave architects Scheiwiller Svensson the assignment to gently change the library in Ralph Erskine spirit. In total it has involved about 12 000 square meters which has been adapted to meet student and staff needs for functional and pleasant study and work.

A large part of the furniture has been delivered by Martela - and birch are the material that runs like a blonde theme throughout the library. Chosen to correspond with the existing decor but also because it in a nice way harmonizes with Ralph Erskine way to integrate the surrounding nature.

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