• Lindorff is one of the leading European providers of debt-related administrative services and its number of employees increases all the time. Martela is  Lindorff’s partner in facilities maintenance and helps Lindorff in effective use of its premises.
  • At the beginning of the project the customer's operations were scattered - so much so that related functions could be located at different addresses.
  • In connection with the relocation, operations of two offices were centralized to Intelligate business centre,  where company's third office already was located.
  • The removal was carried out with a tight schedule in November 2013. During two consecutive weekends, a total of approximately 150 employees, furniture and accessories were moved to the new premises.


  • Operating in different addresses was difficult, even when the distance between offices was shorter.
  • The working atmosphere was suffering from random placement of the personnel, and even simple meeting scheduling could prove to be complex.
  • Also variation on the age of the real estates, rental levels and landlords affected the customer's operational efficiency.
  • The client's primary goal was to improve the situation by centralizing operations to new and more functional premises. At the same time, there was also a need to reduce costs by improving the space use efficiency
  • The aim was not to transform the premises very strongly, keeping the new implementation similar to the customer's previous premises.

Martela’s solution

  • The transformation project started by Martela’s active communication during which the real customer need were discovered.
  • The change  was carried out by relocating existing furniture. The new layout is spacious, functional and bright.
  • Activity based office -concept is familiar to the customer, but this transformation did not yet offer the opportunity to the full implementation of Martela’s Inspiring Office concept.
  • Property floor plans were delivered by the customer’s architect, but the actual planning and design was done by Martela’s interior designer Päivi Puroja.
  • Although the removal itself was rapid, preliminary work was done both by Martela and the customer for almost a year. As a result, the furniture found their place easily when the removal time came.

The utilized Martela services:

  • space survey
  • inventory
  • planning and design
  • removals
  • recycling
  • assembly
  • storage
  • Martela also took care of the final cleaning of the old premises.
  • Co-operation with the customer continues. A steady increase in the number of employees of the company creates a constant need for different type of changes.


  • Centralization of operations simplified internal communication and also improved employee team spirit and efficiency.
  • Real estate costsdecreased, and real estate management simplified.
  • The new, modern premises have had a positive impact on motivation and coping at work.
  • Partners and services are closer to the new address than before. Premises are easy to reach, making everyday life  easier for both the employees and the clients.
  • Martela’s comprehensive service made ​​the change easy. The opportunity to make space planning with the existing furniture generated savings and made the introduction of the new premises much easier.
  • Furthermore, in the future internal removals and transformation projects run more smoothly.

“When all the removal-related services come from one contact, information flow is better and also reaction time to unexpected situations is fast.”
– Erkki Oikarinen,Facility Manager Lindorff Oy