Martela house renewal 2012

Helsinki, Finland
Interior design: Tiina Myller, Päivi Pentikäinen and Maarit Vuori, Martela Oyj

If you want to see how a new approach to business premises functions in practice, come and visit the Martela House.

We have divided up our head office into private, semi-public and public zones, and as a result the space we need has also decreased by over one fifth. Part of this space saving is, no doubt, down to the sector in which we operate. Part of our exhibition now also functions as our conference rooms and work spaces, which enables us to present the acoustic properties of our furniture items in practice.

Basically, however, our operations are normal business operations with product development, marketing and financial administration, so we still require private conference rooms and offices. Thus, a large part of the solutions we have implemented can be directly transferred to any sector.