Helsinki, Finland

Martela’s guideline for interior design of Music Centre’s lobby spaces, Black Box -concert hall and backrooms was LPR-architects’ “A mezza voce” proposal. Interior was therefore carried out ”in a quiet voice”.

Martela believes that good design should always be respected and strengthen their own environment, so the task was a natural.

Martela Diagonal lobby furniture was perfect for the Music Centre's lobby. Diagonal diagonally cut pieces follow the same theme as the building and its other facilities. Same shape can be found in free standing furniture as well as surface fixtures, and materials.
The starting point for the use of sloping and folding forms was the heart of the house, ie the main concert hall, whose oblique and asymmetrical seating blocks rotate stage.

Black Box, which operates as Music Centre’s amplified music hall, is a multi-purpose space with its very different types of presentations. The Black Box was furnished by Martela’s telescopic seating. Telescopic seats variation-possibilities enable easy modifiability in according to nature of the event and number of customers. Martela’s telescope auditorium model variation requires much less effort than auditorium to be collected.