Neulamäki school

Kuopio, Finland
Interior design: Reetta Ahola, Martela

The Martela Services competition held in the spring of 2013, provided workplace communities with the opportunity to win the modification of a public space in their working environment. The prize was worth EUR 10,000. To be eligible for the draw, the participants were required to explain in writing why their space deserved modification.

The lucky winner was Neulamäki School in Kuopio, which was built 25 years ago. Its tired and worn staffroom needed an update and an element of surprise.

The modification began with an evaluation of the functionality of the space. Martela prepared a plan after discussing the needs and wishes of the users, and then coordinated and implemented the modification. The modification improved the clarity and colour scheme of the space, making it more inspiring. Martela divided the space into activity zones in accordance with its new Inspiring Office concept®. Now the space can be used for rest and relaxation as well as meetings and tasks that require concentration, a peaceful environment and information security.

The modification was well received at the school. “I’m very happy with the plan, implementation and result of the modification and with our cooperation with Martela,” says Veli-Pekka Tikka, Principal, Neulamäki School.

The teachers’ initial experiences of the space have been positive. The new staffroom delights its users with its refreshing colours, sense of space, clear division of spaces, increased functionality and high-quality materials. The design took the surrounding natural environment into account in a way that adds light and a sense of interaction to the space.

Project Manager Helena Ukkonen was among the first people to have the opportunity to experience the new, refreshing functionality of the staffroom at Neulamäki School. Ukkonen was in charge of the modification work in Kuopio.

Painting on the yellow wall: Ilja Karsikas / Napa Illustrations.