NTB has activity based office

NTB is the largest news agency and deliver news in the form of text, images, video and graphics to Norwegian media. Headquarter is located in Oslo, and for only a few years ago the company moved into new, customized premises.

When working with the news, you are dependent on good communication, short contact paths and the opportunity to keep up to date at all times. Therefore, they chose an open plan office where employees can quickly get each other's attention and where one can see the news flow on large screens. It is an environment with a high pulse and where many occupational categories combined. It also provides a great need to quickly call up others and conduct interviews undisturbed, and therefore have to supplement the environment with functional solutions. The lively environment made many people chose to enter Copy room when they were to take a phone, which not only took unnecessary time, but that also meant that they would risk to miss a news item on the screen.

Phone booths offers privacy

NTB therefore chose to install Framery O, which acts both as phone booth and quiet room, and standing up nearby workplaces. The quiet rooms provide quiet and peace for interviews and phone calls, and can also be used for audio recordings. A point is also the sides of glass which gives an overview of the office and monitors. Here you can chat undisturbed and simultaneously pay attention to what happens in office. Good news, simply.