Pohjolan Voima

Helsinki, 2015

Interior designer Päivi Pentikäinen

From a traditional office to activity-based working

The whole project was started as a result of the CEO's desire to renew the company's working methods and to increase staff interaction and openness. The aim was to create an activity-based office with diverse spaces for working, meeting and concentration. The space plan needed to take into account ergonomics, brand and architecture, as well as the need for small conference rooms.

The management and the entire staff were trained in the activity-based office concept and introduced to the solutions. After orientation, a work environment survey of Pohjolan Voima was carried out, as well as a participatory workshop, and a comprehensive space usage plan was drawn up.

The end result was comprehensive and user-centred spaces that support interaction and openness, and a work environment which is adaptable to future needs.

Services used

The workplace change was carried out according to the Martela Lifecycle model:


Workplace Specification (including orientation about the activity based office concept, a work environment survey and interviews of key persons)


Furniture Inventory

Space and Interior Design


Removal Service

Furniture Recycling