Pori City Hospital

Pori invests in rehabilitation

Many municipalities and joint municipal authorities are concerned with how to provide the best possible care to their aging populations. The modernisation of the rehabilitation hospital in Pori was also a long time coming. Now, the newly modernised hospital known as “Tornisairaala”, or Tower hospital, has places for 112 patients, modern care equipment for the elderly and a specially-designed operating model.

The working conditions of hospital staff also received more attention than usual in the project. Martela delivered furniture for the areas where doctors, head nurses and nurses work and for the common lobbies. The architectural design was carried out by Laaksonen & Wiren, an office from Tampere that specialises in health care facilities.


Modifiability is important

Kari-Matti Haapala, Real Estate Manager at the City of Pori, says that flexibility and adaptability are also important because once completed, the new hospital should serve up to forty years before the next major renovation. “To ensure maximum usability, a team of specialists from various fields has been involved in the project from the beginning,” says Haapala.

Tiina Sirkeoja, Martela’s representative in the project, highlights some of the factors that influenced the harmony that was achieved. “Ash wall panelling played an important role in the designs for the patient rooms. This material adds a natural feel to facilities that are often gloomy. I was very pleased that we were able to rise to the designers’ challenge and deliver furniture made from the same material,” she adds.


The key issues is modifiability, safety and comfort of premises

Anna-Liisa Koivisto, the hospital’s medical director, says that the objective of the modernisation project was to create an environment that promotes convalescence and rehabilitation.“Key issues were adaptability, safety and comfort. In practice adaptability means that furniture can be moved around and adjusted according to needs, and modular facilities. In accordance with modern hospital design, modern technical solutions, ecological materials and the lifecycle approach were taken into account in the project. The goal is to help people manage at home or their current residence for as long as possible. This means that we need care and rehabilitation paths that are agreed together by the various service areas of basic social security and the Satakunta hospital district,” says Koivisto.