A true Activity Based Office
Martela Dynamic Solutions at PwC in Bergen

In PwC's new office in Bergen activity based working has been taken all the way. Martela Dynamic Solutions for storage and workstations provide optimal availability and support employees in their daily work.

For our business , the solution is perfect. The goal is that it should contribute to increased learning , collaboration, innovation and efficiency , says Director Geir Inge Lunde.

PwC in Bergen moves approximately every ten years. In the autumn of 2013 the company moved into the newly built and newly furnished office space.

"It is a deliberate strategy on our part. Relocating involves shaking off the old and start a process of renewal . We are forced to think in new ways - and that's an important part of our culture and of our brand. We have 200 employees, and the average age is low - around 35 years old. The fact that we are innovative and at the forefront is appreciated among employees", says Geir Inge Lunde .

"Over the last ten years we have also developed the business. PwC does not only do auditing, we also work with tax advice and bookkeeping services . Technological developments have also taken us one step closer to the paperless office . All this meant that we were looking for renewal."

The choice fell on an activity -based approach. The office, which has been designed by Ramboll Architects, has been decorated with Martela Dynamic Storage and Workplace solutions that allow employees access to storage and work wherever they are in the house. Strategically placed monitors make it easy to get an overview .

">All the employees have to do is swipe their ID cards, which are also linked to the entrance , parking, printers and other necessary functions.

The system also shuts down automatically when the employee checks out from their temporary workplace, which meets PwC high confidentiality requirements . The number of workstations is less than the number of employees, but the system ensures that there is always a place for everyone. Design, supply and installation was made in cooperation between Martela and dealers Bergen Kontorsenter and Rome for design - with Tor Helge Lunde Sørensen , Rolf Mikkelsen and Per Ivar Andreassen.

">Geir Inge Lunde think both installation and training has been smooth and is very pleased with the functionality .

"Martela solutions appealed to us because we wanted the premises that were tailored to our work processes. Far too often businesses need to adapt to the spaces! Our employees spend half their time with customers. Our business is also very project oriented, with many different groups and a large number of meetings. We wanted a dynamic and flexible solution with open plan offices, meeting rooms and many free workstations with so-called "clean desk" policy. We have many young employees who want to develop quickly . In this way, we stimulate communication, build team spirit and the spirit of innovation."

Workstations are electrically raised and lowered. By connecting them to a smartphone with associated app, each user can carry around their personal preferences.

">The app has a built-in activity function, a personal trainer that encourages standing.

"Martela solutions provide better mobility. We change workstations more frequently and stand up more when we work. We see it as a way to a better health for our employees, "says Geir who pointed out, that the chosen solution was considered very carefully.

"There is a challenge with the open office, and there are disturbances. With Silence technology in desktops and thoughtful choice of materials, we have managed to reduce them to a minimum. I 'm not saying that activity -based work fits in all workplaces. But we at PwC are very excited . This solution supports our business perfectly."