Recycling for a bank

Oslo, Norway, 2015

Many ways to recycle

The bank moved to its new headquarters in Oslo in December 2015. There are approximately 2 000 people working in the headquarters. The reasons behind the change of location included a desire  to improve internal cooperation and have more efficient use of the square meters. The move resulted in 40 % space savings plus savings in energy costs, not to mention the effect on bank's brand.

As a part of a Nordic agreement with the bank, Martela provided the bank furniture recycling services. In total 11 208 units of furniture were removed from the old headquarters. Some of the furniture was refurbished and taken back to use in the new office. Some was sold as used furniture in Martela’s Outlet stores. Some were recycled as parts for furniture and some as energy and materials for industry. A part of the furniture was donated to Majorstutunet bo- og behandlingssenter, a home for the elderly in Oslo.

Recycling fits environmental targets

In addition to the recycling services Martela was responsible for the total installation of all the new furniture in the new office.  All the furniture was also tagged with RFID tags for furniture asset management.

The bank has set clear goals for reducing the environmental effects of its operations. Furniture recycling plays an important part in reaching the targets. It also saves money, as the bank does not need to pay waste-disposal charges for the furniture.

Overall, the bank has told us thay are very happy about the entire process carried out by Martela.

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