Technopolis wanted to improve operating efficiency by centralising its previously scattered sales and support organisations in one place.
It wanted modern premises ideal for supporting business development.
Planning and design of the transformation project began in spring 2012 and implementation was carried out in July 2013.
The transformation project was implemented at the customer’s existing premises in Vantaa.
Martela’s interior designer Päivi Pentikäinen was responsible for the planning and design.

Goals established

The location was to be a pilot for Technopolis’s new work environment concept and would therefore also function as a sales showroom.
The transformation project would focus especially on functionality, versatility, acoustics and visual appeal.
The aim was to renew all the furniture in conjunction with the project.
The premises needed to be suitable for the occupants as well as regular visitors, and had to be a cross between an open plan office and an activity based office.

Martela’s solution

Different zones were created for different needs and work situations.
Freshness was the theme in the colour choice, but within the limits of the concept.
The desks, tables and cupboards selected were mainly white, while the low screens and upholstery choices brought splashes of colour, with accent colours as well.
The materials, furniture and colours were selected with the customer on the basis of the designer’s recommendations.
The design included an activity based office room that can be converted from a meeting room to a quiet work space as necessary.


The layout was revised and open plan space created by removing some walls.
Walls were painted and a fitted carpet laid to improve acoustics.
Refurbishment was carried out by the customer.
All furniture and surface materials were renewed.
Martela supplied the furniture, and the project also involved use of interior planning and design and installation services.


  • The office’s different spaces provide ideal work environments for all kinds of needs
  • The end result is just the way it was planned and the premises have been well received
  • What is otherwise an open plan area is nicely complemented by the separate meeting space adaptable for different sized gatherings and by the other closed spaces
  • The printer, copier and other devices are in a separate area, thus reducing noise
  • The designated phone call space with sound insulation also helps maintain peace and quiet in the open plan area
  • Screens help promote undisturbed work while maintaining the open plan nature of the space
  • The staff room offers a relaxing space for a chat
  • Working with Martela was a trouble-free experience – by first looking at wishes and needs, it was possible to create just the right end result


“Martela listened to us and made sure our needs were met. The premises are a perfect match for their intended use.”

– Jukka Vakula, Director
Technopolis Plc