Stockholm, 2017

Interior design Emma Nilsson

Vitec is a growing IT company with operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The organisation grows chiefly through acquisitions, and new offices are a normal part of everyday life in the company. And when it is time for renovation or modernisation, the office environments are generally modified so that they are consistent with the company’s graphic guidelines.

A new first impression makes an entrance

Emma Henriksson is the office manager at Vitec’s Stockholm office, which is located near Hornbergs Strand in Kungsholmen. She has been in charge of the changes made to the office’s premises.

“The office was in need of modernisation and we decided to focus on the lobby, conference rooms and the surrounding areas that our customers use,” says Emma Henriksson.

As the colour scheme and materials selected were in line with Vitec’s graphic guideline, the final result was light and fresh, while at the same time the words long-term, entirety and flexibility were reflected in the design, which also creates a distinct identity for Vitec.

“We had already worked with Martela in an office project in Oslo, and because we were pleased with the results it felt natural to work with them in Stockholm as well. In addition, the fact that they can help in both larger and smaller projects also suited us,” explains Emma.

The office is something of a flagship office, and it is visited by both existing and prospective customers from all of Vitec’s business areas, so it is even more important that the first impression of the company is as good as possible. Part of the goal was to create a welcoming environment that communicates the company’s values, both through graphical elements and ambience.

“We already had plenty of ideas, but we wanted more and bigger ideas, so after two suggestions from Emma Nilsson, one of Martela’s interior designers, we felt we had the right solution. We had mainly focused on practical details and thought more in terms of usage and flow throughout the day and in certain situations. Then Martela developed these ideas to make them even better, and they added to the ideas concerning colour, shape and, in particular, material knowledge.

“I also appreciated the fact that we really worked together. Emma from Martela listened to our ideas and made them better. As the customer, I also really enjoyed the cooperation.”

Right from the beginning, Vitec wanted to create a flexible environment where the furnishing could be adapted depending on usage: for customer meetings, conferences, training and as a reception and lounge area.

“One idea that we liked straight away was a gigantic carpet that in a way brings the whole room together neatly. It is about nine metres long and is a surprising and delightful detail that we are particularly pleased with. We have now created a nice landscape in the entrance and lounge area that is full of life and movement, a more accessible and welcoming reception and two functional and fresh-looking conference rooms. I will definitely take this approach with me and apply it in future projects,” says Emma Henriksson.

About Vitec

Vitec is a Nordic software company that develops and delivers standardised software for industry-specific needs. Our customers include facility management companies, construction and real estate companies, banks and insurance companies, healthcare companies, car spare part dealers, energy traders and waste management companies. The Group has 500 employees and in 2016 had a turnover of SEK 675 million. Vitec is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.