World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

Helsinki, Finland
Interior design: Rane Vaskivuori, Yatta

The World Design Capital Helsinki organisation has premises in Helsinki city centre at the Remander House from the year 1814. Martela's main objective was to create a bright and vibrant space with good communication facilities.

The building has numerous meeting rooms. The acoustic panels used on the meeting room walls give the rooms an elegant look and feel as well as absorb the excess noise and echoes. The fabrics and colours create at the same time an inspiring and relaxing space for encounters.

All the employees of the organisation are seated close together in two big rooms on the office floor. Most employees have their own work stations but also some desk sharing is used. Storage units are used as space dividers as well as for storing all the printed materials.

Many of the WDC employees are mobile, working in the office only part of the time. MyBox desks can be closed when the desk is not used. This keeps the documents safe and the office neat and tidy.