The responsible choice

We support your company's responsibility

Our operational model, Martela Lifecycle takes into consideration the entire lifecycle of a workplace. Responsible working environments are created taking into account the user needs and supporting the users' wellbeing.

In workplace planning we always consider the effecient use of space. Many of our customers have been able to reach 20 - 30 % space savings with the help of good planning.

Sustainable solutions

Responsibly planned working environments are flexible and can be easily adjusted to the inevitable changes continuously taking place in work places. An important part of a change is taking care of the leftover furniture. We help our customers by recycling them. We can also offer recycled furniture as a part of the new solution.

We have been enabling environmental facility labeling for our customers with the aid of sustainable furniture solutions. Here is an example of a facility we have furnished that has been LEED Platinum certified.

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