Material description: 

Fully upholstered armchair with castors.

Fabric consumption: 

Single colour: 3.0 m
Two colours: inside 1.2 m, outside 2.8 m

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Bit 342AR: 71.4 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

Bit armchair has been designed for working and learning environments that need to be easily modifiable. Especially the more efficient utilisation of corridors and lobbies has been a key driver for the design of the Bit product range. The hidden castors underneath the Bit armchair enable its effortless moving around.

Bit armchair has a cubic and playfull look. The two sided backrest encourages the chairs to be placed next to and against each other into different groups.

Bit product family, designed by Iiro Viljanen, includes cozy furniture for meeting areas. Bit family consists of an armchair, sofa and stools of different shapes and heights.

Product code: 

342AR = single colour
342A2R = two colours