Material description: 

Fully upholstered sofa with castors or legs.

Fabric consumption: 

Single colour 6.2m, two colours: inside 2.6m, outside 3.6m

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Bit 344A: 118.0 kg CO2e
Environmental report: 

The sofa of the Bit product family has a relaxed feel, and it is compact in size. It suits many kinds of public spaces in which comfortable seating is required. The sofa is available with legs or castors.

Designed by Iiro Viljanen, the Bit product family includes cozy seating products for meeting surroundings. Bit family consists of a stool, easy chair and sofa.

Key element in the visual outlook of Bit is the two-coloured upholstery, which highlights the streamlined designs. Bit is also available upholstered with a single fabric.

The product family is designed with educational environments in mind, lobbies and corridors in particular.

Product code: 

344A = single colour
344A2 = two colours
344AR = single colour, castors
344A2R = two colours, castors