Material description: 

Fully upholstered stool, plastic glides.

Fabric consumption: 

Single colour 1.0m, two colours: top 0,5m, sides 1.0m

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Bit 341A: 50.3 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

The light-weighted and easily transferrable Bit stool is a versatile seat. Depending on the need, the stools can be placed in groups, arcs or circles.

The handling of the upholstered stool is made easy with a strap attached to the side.

Designed by Iiro Viljanen, the Bit product family includes cozy seating products for meeting surroundings. Bit family consists of a stool, easy chair and sofa.

Key element in the visual outlook of Bit is the two-coloured upholstery, which highlights the streamlined design. Bit is also available upholstered with a single fabric.

The product family is designed with educational environments in mind, lobbies and corridors in particular.

Product code: 

341A = single colour
341A2 = two colours